Shipping Weight Handling Fees

Weight Handling Fee
Upto 500 gm
Each Additional 500 gm


Local rate will be applicable where the pickup and delivery happen in the same city i.e. intra-city pickup and delivery.

Regional zone consists of 4 regions. This fees will apply if shipment moves within the same region and the service is not within the same city.

National fee will apply if shipment moves across regions.

For standard-size items, the minimum chargeable weight is 500 gms. In case of items that weigh more than 500 gms, you will be charged in multiples of the price applicable for each 500 gms. For example, the SaleStruck Shipping Weight-Handling Fees for 800 gms package being shipped to a in your city will amount to INR 90 i.e. INR 45 (charge for first 500 gms) + INR 45 (charge for next 500 gms).

**SaleStruck Shipping Fees is computed on volumetric or actual weight, whichever is higher. Volumetric weight is calculated as Volumetric Weight (kg) = (Length x Breadth x Height)/5000 where LBH are in cm.

All listed fees are displayed excluding taxes. We will apply 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST) to all fees displayed above.

The figures (including fees, revenue and profits) below are only an estimate and actual figures may vary. SaleStruck hereby disclaims any and all liability and assumes no responsibility whatsoever for consequences resulting from your use or reliance upon this information.